All machines sold on our site will enjoy a FREE 1st six monthly service that includes full checking over ,Testing machine operation to factory recomended settings.FREE showerscreen and grouphead seal included.

This offer runs until further notice.



Here is a seized saftey valve, the machine it was in was up to 2.5bar and still was not releasing the over pressure in the boiler as it should, also the overload clixon thermostat was not switching either.

These safety devices on machines can cause some major damage if faulty and not attended to quickly. Contact us for help

Saftey valve sized


Here is a Water pump, as you can see the shaft bearing is all rusted and seized. If your pump is making unusual noises this could be why. Contact us for help




This is what your coffee machine boiler will be filled with inside, if you do not change your water filter at recommended change date.